Its our time now

So wow I haven’t been on in like… forever. I really need to kick this thing into high gear because I’m not happy with the way I’ve been living and how I’ve given up on becoming a healthier, happier person.

So that being said I’m going to need some MAJOR motivation sooo if anyone wanst to be texting buddies leave me a message in my ask box! I could really use some real person help because my birthday is soon and I’m getting that belly button pierced!


I ate a shitload today but it was all healthy so…. is that bad? 

Sorry I didn’t post my intake yesterday. I did well until the nighttime after I went to this party… It was 4am, I was hungry and throwed what else was I supposed to do? Anyways today so far I have had Melba Toast with hummus and cucumber. It was around 202 calories. I ate half of them when I woke up and then the rest just now, 3 hours later so it kept me full for longer. Going to my dad’s tonight so I have to try really hard to be good, it’s just harder with them breathing down my neck when all I’m doing is eating healthier and smaller portions. About to go for a walk :) 

Asked by Anonymous Anonymous

How tall are you?

like 5’5”

Today will be better

So yesterday was utterly horrible, even after my post I went out and ate a whole bunch of nuts and froyo so…Today i strive to be so much better. Started off the day with toast with cream cheese and cucumbers so that was about 124 calories. And of course some Green Tea :3 Gonna go on a walk today for sure. 

bad bad horrible day. don’t even wanna know. I waited all aftrnoon for my “friend” to call me to see if we were gonna hang out but she blew me off so I blew off exercising and now its to dark. ugh.